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 "...children, our most precious national resource..."
Sharon B. Meropol, M.D., M.S.C.E.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA 19104

NEJM 31.1.2008



Name:       Daniel Tibussek, MD
Date and Place of Birth:   February 15, 1969 ; Moenchengladbach , Germany
Citizenship:       German
Civil Status:       Married, two children



School Education:

1975-79       Primary schools in Moenchengladbach , Germany

1979-88       Secondary school at the Math. Nat. Gymnasium Mönchengladbach, Germany

1988         School leaving examination (Abitur)

Civilian Service:     

1988-89 Nursing service in the Department of Medicine at Bethesda Hospital , Mönchengladbach

University Education:

1989-1997:       Medical Studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the Freie Universität Berlin/Germany; University of Cologne/Germany

1997         Medical Graduation



1999         Doctors thesis: University of Cologne , Germany. "Influence of   peripheral hearing loss on the maturation of auditory brainstem responses (ABR) in children".           Supervisor: Prof. Martin Walger, University Hospital Cologne , Germany .


September 2004     State approval as paediatrician

October 2005     EEG-certificate

March 2007       State approval as paediatric neurologist



Residencies & Staff Positions  

since 10-2014 current position
Staff Child Neurologist, Clinical Researcher
Center for Rare Diseases
University Children's Hospital, Duesseldorf , Germany

Director : Prof. Ertan Mayatepek



09.2013 - 9-2014  Clinical Research Fellow

      Childhood Stroke Program

      The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

      Director: Prof Gabrielle deVeber


05.2009 - 8-2013  Consultant – Paediatric Neurology

      Leverkusen Children's Hospital , Germany

      Teaching Hospital, University of Cologne

      Director: Prof. Peter Groneck


08.2004 - 04.2009   Fellow, Consultant – Paediatric Neurology

      University Children's Hospital, Duesseldorf , Germany

      Director : Prof. Ertan Mayatepek


05.2003 – 07.2004   Fellow – Paediatric Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology

      University Children`s Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland

      Head of Division: Prof. E. Boltshauser, Prof. B. Schmitt   


11.2002 – 05.2003   Resident - Neonatalogy

  Director: Prof. Karitzky


01.1998 – 11.2002 Resident - General Paediatrics

  Leverkusen Children's Hospital , Germany

  Director: Prof. Karitzky



04.1995 - 08.1996

•  Paediatrics:       Cologne Children´s Hospital, Teaching Hospital of the University of Cologne/Germany

•  Cardio-Thoracic Surgery and Traumatology:
        Groote Schuur Hospital , University of Cape Town/South Africa

•  Obstetrics and Gynaecology:
        Frere Hospital · East London/South Africa

•  General Medicine (Infectious Diseases and Gastroenterology):
        Cologne University Hospital, Germany


•  Tropical Paediatrics:   Universitiy Hospital Mérida, Venzuela

Hospital Universitario de los Andes, Prof. J. Goyo-Rivas. Mérida/ Venzuela

Research Foci

1994-1999     Hearing Loss and Maturation of Auditory Pathways

2003-2004     Startle epilepsy

Since 2004     Paediatric Pseudotumor Cerebri 



Epidemiological studies on paediatric Pseudotumor cerebri

Study on benign influenza associated myositis (epidemic 2005/6)

Member of the " working groups on inflammatory and infection-related CNS "

2006-2009 Member of the AWMF-Guideline-Commitee on Infantile Spasms

2011-2012 Member of the AWMF-Guideline-Commitee on Pseudotumor cerebri

2012 Head of the AWMF-Guideline-Committee on Paediatric Pseudotumor cerebri



German      native

English       very good knowledge

Spanish      good comprehension

French       basics


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Book chapters

Tibussek D , Schmitt B. Startle Epilepsy. In: Atlas of Epilepsies. C.P. Panayiotopoulos. Atlas of Epilepsies. Springer Verlag, London 2010.



• International Child Neurology Association

• Society of Neuropediatrics

• German Society for Epileptology

•  German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology

•  German Society of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ)


• Head of the Workgroup of Paediatric Neurology Rhein-Ruhr

•  Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte e.V.

•  German Society for Social Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine



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